UN75 at UNIS - Youth for Climate

Opening Remarks by Mr Kamal Malhotra, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam

  • Under-Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochschild, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on the Commemoration of the United Nations 75th Anniversary;
  • Emma Silva, Director of Advancement, UNIS Hanoi;
  • Students, youth representatives, and teachers;
  • Ladies and gentlemen;

It is my great pleasure to join you all today in this useful exchange on youth climate action between youth in Viet Nam and Under-Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochschild - Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on the Commemoration of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary. At the outset, allow me to welcome students from various schools in Hanoi who are joining the dialogue with the Under-Secretary-General on one of the most challenging and pressing issues of our times and the 21st century – Climate Change.

Climate change has already had a huge impact on both our environment and humankind. It requires more attention and discussion in general as well as solid and concrete action by both individuals, States and especially the private sector to change the fate of the planet and its inhabitants. It is not surprising that the UN75 Report launched at the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly in September 2020 revealed that there were “overwhelming concerns on the climate crisis and the destruction of our natural environment” among the people around the world. I believe today’s discussion will be an important one concluding the 75th anniversary of the UN’s commemoration in Viet Nam and proposing clearer directions for the UN’s next years ahead both globally and in Viet Nam.

Students, youth representatives and teachers,

I am now delighted to introduce you to UN Under-Secretary-General, Mr. Fabrizio Hochschild, the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on the Commemoration of the United Nation’s 75th Anniversary. In that role, he led the UN75 activities and discussions around the world under the theme “Shaping Our Future” through a system-wide process of consultations and reflections on the role of the United Nations in advancing international co-operation and in supporting the ability of Member States to respond to emerging challenges and frontier issues. Mr. Hochschild began his United Nations career with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 1988 and has served in various field and HQ settings. Among the many important positions he has held, Mr. Hochschild most recently, before his current position, served as Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Coordination in the Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General (2017-2019), and before that as UN Resident Coordinator, Humanitarian Coordinator and Resident Representative of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Colombia from 2013 to 2016 which is when we first met. I would also like to thank Fabrizio for joining us today at a very early morning hour during NYs cold and dark winter months to accommodate our schedule. I remember them from over 10 years living there and I am glad I am not there!

I look forward to listening to your ideas and thoughts, and to how you view the role of young people in Viet Nam on climate action now and in the future. Later, we will also discuss the role the UN can play to support youth in climate action for a better, stronger and sustainable world through an interactive Q&A session with Under-Secretary-General Hothschild.

I look forward to a stimulating evening. Thank you for your attention. Xin Cam On.

Speech by
Kamal Malhotra
UN Resident Coordinator
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